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Please remember to bring your garbage cans back in on Monday after they are emptied. Cans must be shielded from view from the street or in your garage.

Please remember to water your lawns in the Spring and pull your weeds! This is required per the neighborhood rules.

The large grass field at 114th Ave SE & SE 71st is not an off-leash dog park. All pets are required to be leashed at all times. This is a law within the City of Newcastle and the Newcastle Police will enforce this law with a citation and fine. Please call 206-296-3311 to report off leash violators.

Please remember to drive carefully - we recommend no faster than 15 MPH in the neighborhood. There are many small children in our neighborhood we must watch out for.

Please remember to keep all pets on a leash at all times, and clean up after your pets.

If anyone would like to volunteer to organize neighborhood events, please send the board an email.. We have HOA funds we could spend on community events but need volunteers to make it happen. Thank you!